We are research on health science and nutritious.

health science

we are here research about health and nutrition for well-being. The wiki health team always researches many books, websites, blogs, magazines, etc. After gathering the information we make our contents to being only health.


Term and Condition for Guest Post:

If anyone wants to contribute on our blog or guest post we have some standard you have to follow these rules. Below I mention all rules for a guest post:
1) content should be more than 1000 words.
2) You can provide links but all should be authorized links.
3) Content should be unique and mention reference and real experiments.
4) If our health science considers that content is not real then content will be disapproved.
5) Every content should have a minimum of 1 heading and 4 paragraphs and 2 unique images.
6) Our health Science researcher has the right to modify any content and delete.
7) Email your content with document file and mention on the email subject “The Wiki Health – content category”

our email : admin@thewikihealth.com